Stop waiting

Good things happen to those who wait…

Or to those who get up and get shit done.

How do you get that promotion you want? That pay raise? That new title? That new house? That guy or girl you’ve had a crush on for as long as you remember? That vacation you’ve always dreamed of?

You don’t wait – you get up and you do something.

Here’s my core belief. We (all of us) are capable of literally anything and everything. All we have to do to get it is act.

Yes, sometimes that first action is clearing all those voices in our heads telling us we can’t do it but guess what – that’s still action.

Sitting around waiting for something to happen to you is a perfect example of being a victim not being someone in power and limitless.

My last post I talked about my reckless tendency to act. I’m fully aware that not everyone has that comfort level with doing. I get that you may have fears, doubts or lack trust in yourself. I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t believe everything you tell yourself.

Did you let that sink in?

Don’t believe everything you tell yourself.

You are smart!
You are capable!
You are a leader!
You have all that you need to do it!

Stop second guessing…just do.

Here’s a tip if you are trying to do something at work like getting a promotion or a new job. Ask questions and express interest.

People can’t read your mind if you don’t tell them you want to grow your career in whatever way how will they know? Follow it up by asking what they would be looking for to move someone into that position?

Stop waiting for some magical work fairy to deliver opportunities to you – go fight for them. Do something and go get them!

Here’s the most important thing – if you don’t get it right away don’t stop trying. Don’t ever stop fighting. You may have to ask yourself different questions. I’m changing me – can this company allow and support that change or am I stuck in a certain perception? Sometimes it takes a bigger change to get what you want.

When I was an intern for the state of Ohio no matter what I accomplished I was always going to be the intern. They literally called me that – “intern”. I had to leave to ever be looked at as anything more than that.

Yes patience is important – companies are slower than sloths in most cases so don’t be too reckless and abandon ship, but while the sloth is doing its thing find other actions you can be doing to continue to prove you deserve whatever it is you’re fighting for.

Every meeting I facilitate, every time I get in front of leadership I try to do 110%. I never want them to doubt my abilities so that when an opportunity arises they don’t think twice about me being the perfect fit.

Never stop acting. Never get too comfortable and remember, consultant or full-time employee we are all replaceable. Prove why they hired you every chance you get. This is something I learned as a consultant. WAY too many full-time employees get comfortable in their positions or simply knowing it would take someone moving a mountain for them to be excited. So they stop trying.

PLEASE don’t be one of those. They hired you for a reason, so keep showing them that.

Yes, you could just sit there and read all these leadership books and blogs (don’t quite on the blogs ;)) but you can also get up and go kick ass at that next presentation, take initiative and grab a task before it’s assigned to you, ask that crush out finally, create a savings plan to get that new house. What ever it is you want – get up and go get it!



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